In 1970 I walked into my first yoga class. The smell of incense, the bright colors, and the etherial music transported me to a feeling and an experience I never had before. It was the feeling of being home.

I experienced for the first time a comfort within myself separate from anyone or anything. I knew in that first yoga class I found a purpose that would give my life meaning that I could share with others. I knew at the end of that class that I wanted to teach.

Being only nineteen and full of ambition that first experience was the seed that directed the rest of my life.

I consider my practice of Yoga as a journey through life with a comforting friend. The changing seasons of life are carried with waves of ease and waves of challenges. Since that day in 1970, Yoga has continually carried me through the ease and the challenges with a style that has taught me grace, harmony and balance. I could not imagine my life without it. Through my life I have picked up additional healing methods which I weave into my expression of teaching, sharing and inspiring yoga.

After forty years of yoga it is not the twisty advanced asanas that I wanted to achieve when I was in my twenties.

It isn’t holding a headstand for twenty minutes anymore, although that can be a good thing. It is the day to day sitting, resting and walking through the changes that yoga has supported me.

I write to share a common interest, to inspire and to demystify yoga. I want to encourage students, friends, and strangers who have a desire to feel better and to inspire the unlikely curious people who might be intimidated by seeing yoga advertised showing only beautiful people attempting advanced postures.

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