Writings on yoga and the physical practice of Hatha have in the past been kept secret by spiritual men in secluded places. And to many, it has been thought of as a practice done by strange contortionists, and to those of us in the west, yoga appears to be a part of a religious belief filled with foreign concepts of how one should live their life.

Today, on the opposite end of the spectrum, yoga is known to be practiced by slim, attractive, and often times famous people in beautiful places that only few have the luxury to experience. From a web platform more fitting to the average person, Write on Yoga offers a balanced and more realitic approach that everyone can identify with. The thoughts and instruction expressed on the blog share the simplicity and accessibility of yoga for all body types regardless of age, exerpience or flexibility.

Yoga is a gift to the young and is a life saver for us as we age. It is the purpose of this website to promote the health benefits and joy of yoga to the widest audience possible.


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