Reaching great heights through Yoga

May of 1988 at the age of 36, I walked into Yoga Works in Santa Monica Ca. And said that I would like to learn yoga.  It was recommended that I take a three day introductory coarse to learn the breathing techniques along with some basic poses. I signed up.

 I could not touch my toes and my breathing was shallow and short (I had quit smoking two years prior, after 19 years.)  I did recognize that my body had lost definition and that it moving in a southern direction.  I made a commitment to myself to try this until I could at least touch my toes.  I started taking one class a week.  I was so sore and just when I was feeling better it was time for my next class, then I was sore again.  It thought if I take a class every three days, I would be less sore.  I am not sure where I came up with this but it worked, so I added more classes and before I knew it I was taking six classes a week

 I could touch my toes, my breathing improved, my skin was glowing and my fellow classmates and teachers were amazed at how quickly my body was toning.  I didn’t think it could get any better but then people kept commenting on how I seemed taller.  How could I be taller?

I would reply with “I am taking yoga and I think my posture has just improved, I am standing up straighter now”  Then I went to my annual doctor’s appointment (this was after 9 months of continual yoga practice).

I weighed my usual weight of 130lbs but then my height 5’7.25”  What?  Oh No!  That must be wrong, let’s measure again.  Yes, 5’7.25”  I said that is impossible.  Look at my chart.  I have been 5’5.75” my entire adult life, how coan that be?  YOGA!  It is not that I was so hunched over, it was that my hips were forward, butt sticking out ad a little hunched over

So you see my yoga practiced had stretched me and strengthened me until I reached my true height.  This was just the first of many benefits I have had the joy to experience through yoga.  I did at one point get up to 5’7.5” but I have settled back down to 5’7.25” and that is still a wonderful place to be.

 I wanted to share this because I believe it is never too late to start and you will be amazed at the benefits that you would have never expected.  I am now 56 and 5’7.25” and still 130lbs and plan to stay that way the rest of my life.

 K. Garrett.

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