A Testimonial of Gratitude

I have been a student of Shelley’s for five years.  That in itself is a testimony to her excellence in that I would not miss my two classes a week unless it was an absolute necessity.  Her uncompromising style and complete body knowledge made each session unique and stimulating. My endurance, understanding of the asanas in their more aligned form, correct breathing and my strength all grew.  This all was wonderful to me approaching senior hood and trying my best to keep my body more flexible for longer.  All of this Shelley’s yoga class did.

Alas, I was hit by the recession and had to take a break from my classes.  It was during this time that appreciated Shelley’s classes even more because she taught me how to do the exercises correctly, I could practice effectively by myself.  My body after the years of correct training fell into to good alignment and practice by habit.  When I suffered a hip injury I was able to stretch myself back into feeling good.  Shelley is the best and I have taken classes by many other teachers.  I am completely committed to her as my teacher, and am so happy to be able to return to my classes and continued good health.  Thanks Shelley!!

Marlyn DiTommaso

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