Recipe for travel

images-9While traveling I never worry about keeping my normal routine.  I let it go and find a new routine that fits the freedom that I enjoy while keeping in the rhythm of spontaneity while traveling.

I usually walk a lot so my first thought is how to keep my upper body strong while keeping my hips and legs open.

I will give you my recipe to stay somewhat consistent

I decided to start with a timed five minute down dog.  The first day wasn’t easy.  I think I was able to hold it for four minutes but it only took a couple of days till 5 minutes became the norm.

From there I did a chataraunga Dandasana (low push up) and slowly moved through upward dog.

Following up with timed tree and standing poses.

IN the evening I would do floor poses, hip openers.

What I love about the space of not having any agenda or attachment  is to slowly watch myself become stronger, more balanced and more flexible.  That way  and feel and see the evolution of my effort.

At the moment I am working with an injury so at the start of my trip I had limitations that I thought was just the new normal for me now.  At the finish of the 2 weeks, my body slowly began to unravel as the resistance melted away and poses began to come back with some ease.  Sometimes being on vacation without a schedule is when I am more consistent doing yoga.  I have the time without the distractions of my responsibilities .  Yoga is the comfort of an old friend who I visit every morning and evening while being away from home.

This is just one option. My point is to find what you love to do and what you know your body is asking from you.  Just recently one of my students returned from a whirlwind  10 day trip through Israel.  She was back swirling from jet lag as she mentioned she didn’t have any yoga while away.  I responded that ‘you always have yoga”  Which is true and what a beautiful thing to do yoga in Israel.  Sand, sea, or desert… a beautiful way to merge with your new environment.  The freedom from yoga personifies itself while away from all comfort zones.

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