All Stuck Up

So many of my students react to a pose that they find difficult by saying,  “I am so tight,” or “I can’t do this pose,” and “I will never be able to do this.”  

Well, if it is true that your thoughts affect actions then hanging out in a pose repeating that you will never change, assures that you will never change.  And, that you will probably not even notice the subtleties of small, yet important changes. These thoughts keep you from relaxing in the pose which keeps you from flexibility


The second sutra in the first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras it says  “Yoga is calming the fluctuations of the mind” 

This is the fundamental meaning of Yoga.  Calming the mind is a result of practicing the Asana

If you do find yourself feeling “stuck” in a pose, go with it!  This is meditation in action.   Watch your breathing and find the ease of movement in the asana.  By leaving your analyzing thoughts and moving your attention to your breathing, your mind quiets and that in itself is the key to experiencing the freedom within the asana, wherever you are. Then with practice in calming the mind you relax more in the pose. 

So the next time you find yourself in a pose that is hard, Go into the real Yoga.  Breathe deeply, wait, and watch your body slowly letting go.  The real question here is this:

Is your body stuck, or is your thinking stuck?  Do the practice and you will be surprised at the outcome.

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