MARTYN JACKSON: Personal Thoughts

Shelley Piser: How do you imagine the next decade, the next 10 years for yourself?

Martyn Jackson:The next 10 years, when I finish this teacher’s course, I’m going to have about a months rest.I’ll spend with my son and daughter and I’ll start by practice gradually, intelligently. I’m not going to start going into it with brute force, I’m not going to go into it saying, “Right Martyn, you’re going to be the best again.”That doesn’t suit me anymore.Once upon a time I wanted to be the best and that doesn’t pay. Being the best is just another phase in your life, you know.Because there is always somebody that is going to be better.But, all you’ve got to do is to work to the best of your ability. You’ve got to pursue, you’ve got to open up areas in your body that you haven’t visited before and you must observe them and you must be thankful for what you can do at this moment and just be honest with it.There must be integrity in everything you do.

I picture the body as the dwelling house of the Lord. And that He’s there all of the time. This energy, what people call G- O -D?  It’s there all the time. You must always be cleansing that temple, the body. You must pursue it; you must be honest with it. You must penetrate it so that you can really understand the truth. Because when you understand the truth you understand yourself. And this is what I feel. This is what I feel that I don’t want to be a pseudo person, I want to be a person that shines like a knight in armor, and I want to be a person that is a Godly person; an honest person. I want to have the utmost integrity.

SP: Do you feel that you are still striving for that?

MJ: Yes, definitely. At the moment I’m  fighting off a lot of my old pupils because they seemingly feel a lot for me, which I believe that they do too. I sense that they are protective towards me and that’s why they protect me in such a way that they won’t allow me to do this they won’t allow me to do that. They encourage me to take more time off. I feel that tremendously, but that’s got to break away to go away. I will be leaving the school eventually and just starting something quietly on my own again. Just very quietly. I am going to be more selective with pupils now. Like if you were around, I would ask you to work six months with me, or if you wanted to stay, I would encourage you to stay. Because. I think I have observed you for a long time and you’ve got the potential of really going out there and having people. You can cut yourself off. You can become an individual. If you’ve got somebody really serious, you could work well. Physically you’re ok, you can do the asanas, but, I’d like to get a better understanding with you that I want to bring your soul consciousness. It’s there, I mean, it shows, It’s there, but there is something a little forlorn about you and there is something a little… Like there is loneliness there that you don’t really understand and this is holding you back. But I feel that it is a learning stage that you are learning but it’s slow, you are not, I don’t know, I sense a lot of fear in you sometimes. But you’ve got a lot of potential if it’s guided properly. That is the sort of teachers that I want. I want teachers, not because I teach them; not because I’ve trained them. But, because I’ve been allowed to participate in their growing, that’s what I like and I’d like to be more selective now because there are a lot of young teachers out there now. You know if they work well and devotionally they’ll make quite good guides

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