Month: January 2009

The Changeling: The physical response to emotional stress

How many people wake up to discover that their body is no longer the body they remembered when they could remember their body?  After more than thirty years of practicing and teaching yoga, I have heard countless new students say with sincere surprise, “I used to be so flexible,” or “I always had such good posture, when did this happen?” …

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A Testimonial of Gratitude

I have been a student of Shelley’s for five years.  That in itself is a testimony to her excellence in that I would not miss my two classes a week unless it was an absolute necessity.  Her uncompromising style and complete body knowledge made each session unique and stimulating. My endurance, understanding of the asanas in their more aligned form, correct…

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Food for the soul

  I found yoga somewhat late in life….in my early 40’s.  I had no idea how much my body needed it or would benefit from it.  I couldn’t even touch my toes while standing!   I have much more body awareness than I thought possible and strength that I wouldn’t be able to attain by any other means.  It’s a deeper,…

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