The Arrogance of a Generation

Hip Replacements seems to be a trend these days.  Before my diagnoses I only heard of this happening to a few very elderly people, certainly not yoga teachers and certainly never me. Shortly after a severe bike fall, pain began, then the X-ray, then diagnose, all, just 8 months ago. I am scheduled for surgery in one week .  Yes, it is quite humbling 

I was doing some research and I was stunned to read a yoga teacher writing that yoga may contribute to people needing hip replacements.  I even heard that because Lady Gaga did yoga she had to have a hip replacement!  Not considering all the other things she did on stage that may have been a greater cause for her condition.   Now my professional conclusion is:  SHIT HAPPENS! 

 I am in my early 60’s and I have always been active.  Yoga has been my main love and has balanced everything else that I did (hiking, biking swimming).  Yoga has saved me, healed me on all levels.  If I had been forewarned that either forward bends, backbends, or twists might become the contributing cause to my present situation, do I wish I never did it?  The answer would be “No!” Would I have changed how I practiced?  “No!” 

I have been blessed with great teachers and yoga has only been a great blessing in my life. Would any athlete stop doing something for fear of possible injury?  How many yoga practitioners are out there?  Lots and Lots, thousands, lots of thousands.  My parents never did anything past the age of 25, they ate what they wanted they smoked and drank and lived into their 80’s.

Shit Happens and  we have bodies.  We age regardless of what we do, what we eat, or how we think. If we are vegetarian, paleo or vegan, whichever is the latest politically correct food trend on the calendar, something will get us in the end.

 Our generation is steeped in its own arrogance.  It is humility and humbleness that overwhelms me knowing that we may not be the ones who control the weather, or what could happen to us in our smallness while on this earth.

But, that being said, I am forever grateful to all of my mentors and students for the healing tools that have made my life a source of inspiration for myself and others. It is the quality of our life that is improved through the good practices and healing sources that we gain and cultivate for our time on earth.

I am humbled as I realize my own arrogance. As someone who has done yoga for so many years thinking that I am beyond what all others will have to go through as the reality of aging reflects back at us. It will be with the help of yoga along with all of my other healing tools collected through my life, that I will move through this.  I hopefully will resume my freedom of movement new and improved.  With a greater sense of compassion, humility and respect for life and the changes that lead us to a greater appreciation for the spiritual within us and the joy of life around me.

Meanwhile lots of balance poses, strengthening poses and anything else I can figure out in this uncharted territory.

After thoughts:

Since originally posting this, it has been over three years since having surgery.  I have resumed all of my usual activity.  I am exploring further possibilities while respecting that life brings teachers clothed in all sorts of varying styles.  Some are human while some are situations.  I hope to be an inspiration for others as I learn to move in the flow of life one breath at a time.

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