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Martyn Jackson on BKS Iyengar, Himself, and Yoga.

There are eight installments from my interview.  I have portioned them in segments.  I sincerely hope that students, teachers and those who are simply curious and inspired will appreciate the sincerity and candid vision from what Martyn says, sees and reveals about himself and his experience with his teacher, his students, and his life. Shelley Piser Shelley Piser:How do you…

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Martyn Jackson on Pranayama Practice

In 1981 I was introduced to Pranayama practice in Martyn Jackson’s teachers course. We practiced pranayama for one hour every morning before asana practice. This practice created the greatest shift in my own asana practice. Shelley Piser: You say often that Pranayama, is the most important part of your practice. Martyn Jackson:  I feel so. If I can get you…

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Excerpts from an Interview: Martyn Jackson on studying with BKS Iyengar

This was part of an interview which I did in Sydney Australia with Martyn Jackson in 1988.  I will be posting more.  This portion will be published in the Iyengar publication of Yoga Vidya in December.  Stay tuned for more. “For every student, there is one teacher who makes an impression, which ripples from that moment on to change and expand…

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MARTYN JACKSON: The Wizard Of Yoga

Since 1971 when I began seriously taking formal Yoga classes, I have had many great yoga teachers. I consider myself very lucky to have had an unfolding succession of creative and inspiring teachers. But in 1981 I was graced with meeting  Martyn Jackson. He was a magical teacher full of intensity, sincerity, great humor, laughter, originality and honest teaching. He…

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