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MY UNMASKING I am officially and boldly going to unmask my thoughts on masks,  as masks (by necessity) are fast becoming the newest trend being seeded in the fashion world today. I don’t like wearing a mask.  I don’t like looking at people wearing a mask.  I don’t like to see children, hikers, bikers, runners, or lone dog walkers wearing…

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Yoga in the time of now

In these days and weeks as we are all experiencing the change that is effecting some part of our lives and everything around us has closed shop, many have turned to online class participation.  Historically Yoga practice has been taught in groups with the individual in mind.  While teachers call out general directions of movements and adjustments in large classes,…

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Another point of view to assist better breathing is side bending postures.  I consider these side stretches along with twists essentials for supporting deeper breathing. This is such a well rounded asana (parivrttaikapada upavistha konasana) that spreads, twists, turns and churns from the inside out.  What a wonderful way to change your point of view.  When we are just too…

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